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Welcome to CONFUSED!

We're an informal group of outdoor enthusiasts
based in the greater San Francisco Bay Area,
who get together to organize and enjoy outdoor
activities of all kinds.

CONFUSED was formed in 1996 to provide a way
for people to get together and find new friends.
Trips and activities are organized by members
via our email list; there is no paid staff. As of
January 2005, CONFUSED now has over 1300

New members are always welcome, and there's
no fee to join the club or subscribe to our list.
Expertise is not needed, only enthusiasm and
good will.

From our Founder:

"The idea is for us to hang out, make new friends,
get outdoors, share our expertise, or just enthusiasm,
and basically HAVE FUN ! We are more or less a social
club, and the bond that joins us together is that we all
enjoy playing in and respecting the great outdoors."


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Commonwealth of Nature Fanatics