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Meetings and e-mail allow members to communicate and use one another as resources. For example, if you want to advertise a trip you are organizing, post to the list serv or announce it at a meeting. If you want to find a cool place to go backpacking, just ask the members. If you need to sell some gear, let the group know. If you are searching for the meaning of life - just ask! Someone is sure to have an answer (but not necessarily the right one!). If you can't make a meeting, then e-mail will get you most club info. The club calendar is posted to the list serv 2-5 days after every meeting (usually).

Trips can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be. But it is up to YOU to make the club what it is, and you determine what activities get organized. We have done day trips to Mt Tamalpais, museum tours, gone swing dancing, park ranger guided moonlight walks to Pt. Bonita light house, beginning rock climbing, listened to symphonies, as well as ice climbed, mountaineered, big walled, made first ascents, gone on expeditions, etc. If what you want is something "at your ability", then organize something or let it be known that you are a beginner looking for someone willing to teach you, or an expert with no patience to walk slowly. The first step is to announce your interest on the list server or at a meeting. Everything else always seems to fall into place after that...

Longer trips and transportation

For overnight trips, participants generally bring a contribution for a dinner potluck, as well as their own breakfast, lunch and snacks. Members either use their own gear, borrow from others, or rent. No one is paid for guiding services, and participation in trips and organization is strictly voluntary. Participants often arrange a pre-trip meeting to get to know one another before going on a trip (unless everybody knows each other), and to arrange transport, food, logistics, etc. Some trip organizers may ask you to sign a form acknowledging that you personally assume and are aware of risks involved with the activity. You must make yourself aware of all risks before participating.

Transportation, group gear, group food, and other details are worked out by trip participants. Out of fairness to those who volunteer their cars for transport, drivers do not pay for gas, bridge tolls and other travel costs. Rather, passengers in the vehicle split the cost of gas, bridge tolls, entrance/parking fees, etc.

New members might feel there is a predominance of "gung-ho" activities such as advanced climbing, mountaineering, etc. One reason is that people who reach a certain ability level tend to be more active about organizing things. Beginners are little shy simply because they are beginners, i.e. how do I start, I don't know anyone, I'm not qualified to organize something, etc. But that never stopped any of us before, has it? Heck, we all didn't know how to walk at one point, and now look at us! :-) Bottom line: Get off your lazy bum, get active, go out there and do something outdoors. Just like everything else in life, it is up to you to make it happen. Just remember to be safe about it.


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