Slackers Guide To Camping

1. Get plastic disposable plates instead of the paper ones.

2. Everything in the cooler that gets soggy in water gets its own ziplock bag.

3. Bring foldable lounge chairs that lean back.

4. Get drinks and things in small resealable containers.

5. Never have the tent open and a light on inside. Even when entering.

6. Put all non-cold food in a box.

7. Bring SOS pads and liquid soap.

8. Bring a sheet to use for a sleeping bag for warm nights.

9. Bring cake racks to put over the nasty grill at the campsite.
   Cross the lower over the upper and put foil in between for hamburgers.

10. Put all food back in car overnight.

11. Bring a tarp for under the tent and have it stick out in front.

12. Take a shower after washing the dishes with a SOS pad.

13. Lunches should be sandwiches you can eat in the car.

14. Start setting up camp one hour before sunset.

15. Bring quarters for the shower.

16. Use pliers to remove hot metal things from the fire.

17. Bring your new clothes to the shower in a plastic bag so that they
     don't get wet when you set them down on the floor.

18. Set your watch timer to let you know when your shower time is about to run out.

Commonwealth of Nature Fanatics