Mt. Whitney - Mountaineering Route
Shosh Moalem

Last weekend we had plans to climb Mt Langeley but the road was closed due to the rain that destroyed parts of it. The only permit we could get in that area was Whitney Mountaineering Route. Alex, Naveen and myself! Alex was our leader (24) on the permit and an excellent leader. Finding the route, reading topo map and helping when needed. Before starting we went to the store to buy a hamlet”. The sales man said that he doesn't have Shakespeare books so Alex asked for helmet!!

10:30am - We started at Whitney Portal (8,200 ft) on the main trail that is flat”comparing to our route and continued along the North Fork (there is a sign). Not too far from the main trail junction all the sudden two day-hikers were about passing me. Asking them if they know where they are I found out that they took the wrong route by accident. They turned back to the main trail. The Mountaineering route is not hard to follow but it's very strenuous. Naveen felt bad and we took breaks. We had to pass our packs in few spots and I needed some more help crossing the creek. We followed the crains crossing the stream twice and climbing on a route on a vertical cliff. We reached Lower Boy Scout Lake, had lunch meeting again with the two guys that failed trying another route.

Rain started.

We passed a ranger and his dog that took a shelter under the boulders. He gave us some advice. We continued up to Upper Boy Scout Lake in the rain and light hail while the two guys failed again trying to follow the route and decided to follow us. Alex was our excellent leader!!! We hiked up around the cliff to Iceberg Lake when it was snowing and a little windy (very light). We followed the two guys and their mistakes to Iceberg Lake (~12,000’). 6pm and we were there! Total of 4mi, 3,800 ft’elev gain that took us 7.5 hours. We set the tents and the snow stopped and no breeze. Naveen went to the tent and slept till the morning. Alex and I had dinner and went to sleep at ~8pm.

Sat 7:30am- We started climbing the notch with small packs at 7:30am. Naveen and I did 50% of the notch and decided to turn back as Naveen didn't feel well and I was slo. We figured that we don't have enough time to do that. I suggested to Alex to summit alone. He did it meeting who ever passed us at the top. I figured that it can take me one to three hours to summit from the point we turned back while it took Alex ONLY 30min. I know that I'd also need help out of fear climbing the scree. Going down the notch took us longer than going up.

11:30am- by the time we got down and folded one tent Alex was already back. The other group (Two Mexicans and American from Ventura) came down from the summit, and with Alex they also deserved my summit” chocolate (they missed the Halvah). 12:30pm, we backpacked down with one mistake (I think that it added 30-45min). Towards the end my knees were pretty sore. Meeting the main trail was a blessing (very easy and relaxing). 6pm at the parking lot. Took us 5.5 hours- 4mi 3,800’ elev loss. Got home at 1:30am with a dinner stop. Alex and Naveen drove and I slept most of the way on the back site.

The camera turned on at the point that we turned back. So pictures are from that point down to the trailhead. I used Eyal’s digital camera this time.

I intend to summit this Mt from this side in Oct. !


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